AI’s Impact on New Technologies

New technologies and how they impact the user experience.

Oh, I mean, that’s that’s very interesting. And I think for A.I. it’s that’s kind of an evolving area because it used to be there was just too bad for any kind of practical use. And now it’s kind of reasonably good. But it’s still it’s to the point where some of the more simplistic things like like speech recognition works reasonably well, but then natural language comprehension doesn’t work nearly as well. So if you ask things like like the Amazon, echo the Alexa device. Alexa, some question, though, she may. Well, I say she she may want to get the words right in your question, but then she’ll still say, but I don’t know the answer to that question. That’s very common, unfortunately, right now that or misunderstand it. So we still have some ways to go. Ultimately, I don’t believe that any of that A.I. will will kind of really solve our user experience problems because we still have a gap between user intention and machine kind of execution of our commands. And and I mean, you know, that that even if you had like so we have intelligence in the world already, it’s just called natural intelligence. So you know that if you ask somebody to do something, it does mean that they actually do what you want them to do. And I mean, people even people don’t understand each other perfectly either. So I don’t think that that I think I don’t think we will get the perfect the perfect usability, you know, like just because we have things like speech comprehension or I mean, they’re all different. But there are definitely some advantages for sure. I mean, we already know that that’s it. It’s kind of alleviated one of the problems with the mobile devices, which is that it’s very painful to type. So if you can speak a message rather than typing a message, then that becomes easier. So there are definitely advantages to it, but I don’t think they solve all problems. Also, I’m actually really a kind of screen size speaker. I mean, I really believe that the big screens have to have their place in the world and showing people that stuff is really advantageous to that kind of thing or communication channel of the spoken word.

So I believe a lot in terms of direct manipulation of the the visual graphical user interface. So I think that there are places, you know, places where no speech has a great role, other cases where we have a great role, and I think we will actually end up with much more blended interaction style than just one one thing in the future.

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