5 Tips for How to Pick a Digital Marketing Agency

Choosing a digital marketing agency is a crucial part of growing your business, but it’s certainly not an easy decision with the right agency partner. You can see significant increases in ROIs, conversion rates, traffic time on site and more depending on your business goals. Of course, I know a thing or two about good agency since I work for one. So in this video, I’ll go over five tips for hiring a digital marketing agency. But first, let’s go over some basics.

What can a digital marketing agency do for your business? Basically, a digital marketing agency handles online marketing campaigns for businesses. This can include search engine optimization, digital advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, web design and many, many other areas. If an agency calls itself a service, that means it’s capable of managing all of the areas of digital marketing. I just mentioned, plus the many more I don’t have time to list. We’re a full service agency at web effects and we handle everything from the strategy to the implementation of your campaigns. It’s pretty convenient having a one stop shop for your online grill. Anyway, let’s move on to the TIPS portion of this video. Five tips for picking a digital marketing agency. Get familiar with their Web presence. You can start by Googling the agency. Search engine optimization is one of the fundamentals of digital marketing. So if you don’t see the agency on the first page of the results or they don’t show up at all, that might be an indicator that they haven’t quite mastered the art of digital marketing. They also might have run into some serious trouble while doing it. Check out their social media presence. Do they post often? Are the post high quality? You can definitely make the argument that good agencies don’t have time to manage their own Web presence since they’re very busy working with clients. So don’t only use Web presence as a sign of a good or bad agency, sift through their website for a portfolio or client testimonials. But don’t stop there, read their reviews, don’t blindly believe in agencies claims that they’re the best in town. They might actually be the best. But it’s better to confirm this with opinions from people who have actually worked with them, find reviews from current or past clients to get an understanding of what the agency does well and what they could improve upon. It’s likely that an agency will have reviews and testimonials from clients on their website. But dig deeper. Google is your friend here. You can also check out sites like Klutch Subsidy and G2 for verified reviews from clients. Even Facebook can be a source of reviews. Judge their communication. I mean, it be critical if you fill out a contact form on an agency’s website or reach out to them in any other way. How long does it take them to get back to you? Is it a day? A week, a month? This is a peek at how well the agency will communicate with you after you decide to work with them. The last thing you want is to get a delayed response to something urgent like your website going down or your social media accounts getting hacked.

Timeliness is one thing, but also evaluate how professional they are in their responses to you. Do they use proper grammar or haphazardly type something that ends up causing confusion? Website Good. We have links. Sorry, what? Bottom line, you don’t want your agency to create more experiences for your customers because of a lack of good communication skills. Evaluate their transparency. It’s not unreasonable for you to want to know what your digital marketing agency is doing to get your results and if what they’re doing is effective. First, find out if the agency has processes in place to keep you in the loop on what they’re doing. Maybe you get a dedicated account manager who give you regular updates, or they use a project management tool to lay out the steps of each project. Second, dove into their reporting methods. How do they track the success of each campaign and what metrics do they used to do that any good Internet marketer knows to look past vanity metrics? These are results that may look good on the surface, but contribute very little to your goals and overall success. So you have an e-commerce store and you’ve picked a digital marketing agency to handle your SEO. They tell you that after months of work, your traffic is through the roof. Don’t get me wrong, traffic is good, but it’s very important to track how many of those visitors convert. A digital marketing agency might have its own reporting software to keep track of these important metrics at what effects we have. Our marketing cloud affects platform that helps our clients track metrics like leads and calls and understand the return on their marketing investment. It’s not enough to just send you a big document with layers of information you don’t understand. They should take the time to breakdown your results and give you actionable insights on a regular basis to help move your digital marketing strategy forward. And last but not least, ask questions just like moving into a new house or finding a job. You want to make sure your agency is the right fit and agency should be prepared for tough questions and if they don’t have an immediate and. They should be honest and follow up with more information later, ask about the processes who’ve they’ve worked with, the results and whatever else matters to you when making your decision.

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