4 Steps To Getting Started With Design

If you have read our articles about designing apps or watched the video, you will know that there are many elements related to enabling consistent quality design. So where do you start?

How do you identify the focus areas that make sense for you? I’m going to outline the four steps for implementing design operations at your organization.

Step one, research the problem space, collect the data and identify where the operational problems lie. Survey team members find out things like how much time they would spend on core responsibilities versus operational tasks and overall employee satisfaction. Interview design team partners. Then document the design process to capture frustration points with workflow, tools and roles involved at each step.

Step two, define you designed app at your organization, shape it up. Practice around the insights revealed during your research. You can use our holistic menu of potential app design. Look for areas as a starting place, hone in to that areas, it may be most valuable for your organization. Then create your own specific designed app menu for your context.

Step three socialize your ideas. Now is the time to do some campaigning. A practice created in a silo will not gain much momentum. So take your ideas on tour. Share your research findings and plans with other stakeholders. Revisit and revise your initial ideas based on the feedback you receive to make them stronger and secure.

Step four, launch the practice. Don’t start with everything. Identify an initial set of the designed app initiatives so that you can achieve within a reasonable timeline. Prioritize the biggest painful points and determine tactics that you believe will start to chip away those painful points. The goal is to identify manageable, achievable outcomes that will show the value of the designed app practice. Don’t forget to track your efforts with quantifiable metrics that will help measure the success of your practice. One metric will not tell the whole story. So consider a mix that will measure the visibility and usefulness of the designed app, the efforts and changes in design, and the quality and design team health as a result.

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