4 Key Components of Service Blueprints

Service design is defined as the activity of planning and organizing a resources, people, tools, processes of a business in order to improve not just the customer experience, but more likely the employees experience service. Blue printing is the primary tool we use in this service design process.

So what is a service blueprint? It is a diagram that visualizes the relationships between different service components. In other words, it is just a visual narrative that depicts how an organization is delivering the service. If you currently use customer journey maps, just think of service blueprints as that.

There are four essential pieces that all service blueprint must have, the first is the customer’s actions. This is what drives your blueprint. If you already have a customer journey map, use that content. This is what your user is doing throughout your service. Second, is the front stage actions. This is how your company interacts with your user. They can be human to human, like someone helping a customer in a store or human to computer, someone helping a customer through maybe a chat bot on their website. Third, we have backstage actions. This occurs backstage or behind the curtain of your organization in order to support those front stage happenings. Then the last is the foundation of your blueprints. These support should processes anything that must happen in order for all of the above to take place.

After those four, you can add and other things, arrows that start to show dependencies, evidence like templates or email, transcripts, metrics. What is success for your company time? How fast everything happens since you begin to blueprint? My best advice is to just start small scope and work within your realm of responsibility.

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