4 Guest Blogging “Hacks” for Maximum Results

Part four, simple guest blogging for better results in less time, our content marketing team has published a rather solid number of guest articles in the last few years. And we have discovered a few simple hacks that I’ll be glad to share with you. Some of them might seem obvious, but I still think that they deserve a mention. Heck, no. One Piech more blogs than you can handle negotiations. Take time. Blog owners might not reply to your emails for days or even weeks. You shouldn’t worry about this, but you should factor that in your guest. Blogging should not suffer from these long wait times and hence the first hech send more guest post pictures than you can handle.

It teaches you that it’s always good to have more demand and supply. Imagine dozens of bloggers queuing to get a guest article from you. This way you actually get to pick and choose which blogs you want to write for and which ones can wait. So come up with two or three awesome article ideas and pitch them to ten or 15 blogs. Just don’t send all your pitches in one day. Send the first few and give them a few days to respond, then send the next batch. This way. If one blogger is slow to respond, just reply them with something like sorry you weren’t responding for a few days. So this article idea was taken by another blog. But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be able to suggest something else for you that would be just as good. I’ll be in touch with more article ideas shortly. This is how you create a queue of bloggers waiting for your guest articles. Heck no. To link to multiple articles from your guest post. This sounds like a no brainer, but many people simply forget that they can do that. And no, I am not talking about feeling your guest article with links to your own stuff top to bottom, make it relevant and make it natural. If the link doesn’t quite belong there, don’t try to squeeze it in. These days, most bloggers are very sensitive to any self promotional links, so quite often they will only allow a single link to the home page of your website coming from your author bio. So if you send them an article full of links to your website, this might get them pissed and they won’t publish anything at all. From my experience, you should not put more than to self promotional links in your guest article, but that largely depends on the blog owner. Heck, number three link to other guest posts of yours. This is a nice loophole for when the blog owner is hypersensitive to having you link to your own website. Linking to your other guest articles is good for two reasons. Reason number one, according to Google’s page rank formula, by linking to a page that links to your website, you’re increasing the power of that link. Reason number two, you can reach out to this other blog owner and let them know you’re just lending them a quality backing. They will be super happy about this and they might return this favor sometime in the future. This is a simple but very powerful hack. Make sure you put it to action and finally hit number four. Right. Guest articles for blogs that have never linked to you before. It is a well-known fact that the number of unique domains that link to a page correlates well with the ranking position of the page. And Google correlation is not causation, but the experience of many thousands of professionals confirms that the more unique websites you have linking to your page, the higher it usually ranks in Google. So when building links, we are guest blogging. It is in your best interest to pitch blogs that have never link to your website before. Traffic on Explorer. We have a cool feature just for that. Remember, we had a list of five thousand potential guest blogging targets. Well, we can click a button called Highlight and Link Domains and see which of these websites have never link to our own website. Then we can go ahead and explore them using the export only highlight the checkbox as easy as that. And if you’re looking at a random login, you want to know if they have linked to you before. Just go to the referral domains, report for your own website and search for the domain there. That’s it. But how strict should you be about this rule? Should you say no to every blog owner who gives you the opportunity to write another guest post for them? Well, as we just discussed, Google’s page rank formula counts back links between pages, not websites. But clearly every subsequent link from the same website will have less value. Otherwise, it would be too easy to manipulate Google by creating just one website with a million pages that link to you. So here’s what I think. You should only write a second the third guest article if it’s a really good blog or if you don’t have any better guest post opportunities at the moment, but have a few finished articles that you need to publish somewhere. And that was my final guest blogging.

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