4 Digital Advertising Tips From a Professional Digital Marketer

Everybody knows how important digital advertising is nowadays, but is what you’re doing actually working for your business or your digital ads, providing our way in, reaching the right audience?

We’ll go over a few specific tips today to help you make sure that your ad campaigns are built with a great foundation for success. Oftentimes, companies miss out on a few key strategies and components of a successful ad strategy that can lower the ROI that you’re getting from your ads. I know that you don’t want to go through that. So let’s hop into some tips to keep your campaign running smoothly and getting that maximum ROI impact on your digital ads. Our first tip is, to be specific, the most powerful element of digital advertising is how specific you can get with targeting, customizing, ad copy, changing dynamic budgets. The combinations are really endless. Most of the ad campaigns that I review are set up with targeting that is way too broad, which ends up resulting in wasted spend and marketing to people that you’re not really interested in working with, who don’t fit your target market with digital ads, you’ve got the most powerful ad technology that has ever been developed and you want to make sure that you’re using it to get a specific and as targeted as possible with how you’re advertising. One of the unique advantages of digital ads is in this targeting and the specificity that you’re able to utilize. So make sure that all of your copies are written with narrow audiences in mind. Your ads are targeting very specific demographics and you’re able to adjust as many of the settings in your ad campaigns as possible to really narrow down and hit that perfect market for your product or your service. Our second tip is to experiment a little or a lot. So this one’s fun. It’s time to head into the laboratory and put on your thinking cap, become Einstein, if you will, and come up with lots of neat things that you can test and experiment with new digital ads. Traditionally, an ad campaign to swap out red for a blue or to change the slogan. All of that in the olden days was a lot of work. But one of the unique advantages with digital ads is it’s just a couple of clicks most of the time, having those changes live in just a few short minutes. So you’re able to really iterate and test different elements of your ad campaign from creative to placements to timing to budgets and all of that collectively over time can really boost the ROIC that you’re getting from your campaigns. So I encourage you to be creative, try things that you wouldn’t normally try in other areas of your marketing, and you’re able to learn things, iterate, make changes. And again, over time, you get that great compound effect right where a bunch of small changes end up making for a huge improvement in ROI. And that is exactly what we’re going for when it comes to our digital ad campaigns. Our third tip is to shake it up a little bit. And specifically we are talking about your budgeting. One major mistake that I see way too often is companies go in and they set up a campaign, they set maybe a monthly budget, a daily budget, and then they just let it run without paying further attention to the budgets or making any adjustments to that. That could be a huge mistake because almost every business has some element of seasonality or natural rhythm of when your customers tend to be most active. And what you really want to do is find those key moments and then be really aggressive with your budgeting as allowed by your overall budgets to capture as much volume in terms of sales, in terms of phone calls, in terms of leads that you can during those peak times. If you’re running a budget that’s just stagnant every month.

Yeah, your campaigns might perform OK, but you’re really missing out on capitalizing on those really, really crucial moments when you might have higher than normal sales volume. And you just want to make sure that your budget is dynamic enough that it can adapt to that. So that way, whenever you have your down seasons, you’re not wondering why you’re not maybe reaching your budgets or your limits for each day, week or month. And you’re able to rely on and getting those sales during peak time so that you can really maximize your ad performance and get that ROI up as high as possible. All right. Our fourth and final one is to do a little R&D, do a little research and development. So we’re hopping back into the laboratory for this one. We’re going to have a little bit of fun. And digital ads are really a fantastic place to test out both new business strategies, gather intelligence about your market and kind of use it as a thinking and proving ground for things. So maybe you’re thinking of launching a new product or service. You can run some ads with that new idea, see how many people are responding to them, how people are interacting with those that are within your.

Target market and overall, it’s just much cheaper to do this kind of research and development and testing through digital ads instead of hiring maybe a market research firm. Certainly those firms are great if you’re conducting a huge initiative and you need that really widespread data. But for a lot of smaller and maybe even mid-sized companies that I’ve worked with over the years, this is a great way to get very rich data from people who are highly specific and highly targeted to what they want to accomplish. And it can be an awesome place to do that. This strategy does require a little bit of creativity, maybe a little bit more advanced than some of the other pieces that we’ve talked about. But I’ve personally seen amazing results with it. And like most things with digital ad campaigns, you’re only limited by your creativity. And what you can come up with is how powerful technology is. So kind of a cool out of the box approach to using digital ads to help your business run smarter and more effectively as a whole.

These four tips are a great start to build that foundation for your digital ad campaigns that you’re running. I hope they’re very helpful to you and they should be able to take you up at least a couple of notches in terms of performance in ROIC. If you’re interested in learning more and doing a deeper dove into things like digital advertising and really about improving that are why from all of your digital campaigns, check out our online hub to learn more about growing your online presence. And if you really want to get into the nitty gritty, if you want to take things out maybe 12 notches instead of two or three, reach out to our team here at web effects to partner with the experts who’ve worked on hundreds and hundreds of digital ad campaigns and really want to help level up your business.

If you want to partner with our agency, fill out a, quote, form on our website or give us a call and you can get in touch with somebody who is going to be able to help kind of get you started and level up the campaigns that you’re running.

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