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Another day of internet marketing on how to go from zero to fifty thousand subscribers. And today’s lesson, we’re going to be talking about testing and tweaking. Iterating your email marketing starts with your contacts. And there’s really five steps. And I’m just going to quickly go over to the five steps and then we’re going to go in-depth on what you really need to do to tweak and test the way you can maximize your revenue from your marketing. Step one is understanding your products, services and how they’re really being used. That way, you can figure out what messaging you need to put to maximize your sales team. You get feedback from customers. They may be happy with what you’re doing. They may be sad, they may be unsatisfied. And this feedback will help you tweak and make things better. Then you want to go into identifying your customer base on demographics, psychographics, behavior, environmental factors and more.

This allows you to segment out your list and send people messages based on what they are really looking for versus something that’s generic to all your contacts. Step four. Be sure to always keep your customer profiles up to date. You don’t want to be keeping sending people emails to their old email address or to balances or to people who don’t want your emails. And then you want to serve your customers again to gain insights on changing habits, preferences and interests so you can keep up with the latest trends that are happening in the world. So now let’s dove into the specifics. How do you develop relationships with lead, nurturing? Well, e-mails all about that one on one relationship. You can put the person’s first name in the email that helps. You can develop that bond between the prospect or that person in your contact list by using words like you or I within your email copy helps build a deeper connection by segmenting. You can also make your emails more personalized by having that story within your brand. That also helps as well. In addition to that, there’s a lot of technical housekeeping that you need to do to maximize your email efforts. For example, you’re going to have errors and these errors could be solved in many different ways and the errors could exist in many different formats, depending on the type of emails you’re sending. For example, if you have a welcome email, are you giving them a freebie? Because if you’re Openreach are really slow or people are unsubscribing, maybe you’re not giving some someone any value in the work. Meanwhile, or activation emails isn’t really providing any value. Or when you’re doing marketing emails, you’re just selling and you’re not educating enough. Or if people are on your list for a long time and they slowly stop opening up your emails, you may not have any retention emails or reactivation emails. These are all things to consider when you’re sending out emails. In addition to that, you’ll find that emails over time go into spam. Are you getting spam complaints? If so, adjust your emails because they may feel that your e-mails are too aggressive or to quote unquote spam, or are you sending emails to people who don’t want them? Because if that’s the case, even if they don’t unsubscribe, if they don’t open up your emails and ignore them, it starts causing your emails to go into spam box, not just for them, but for everyone. And that’s what you want to clean your release on a regular basis. And that’s really how you bypass the spam filter. You don’t send emails to people who are opening them. If you send an email to someone four times it open any of them, stop sending them more emails in the future. And that’s why your audience may not be receiving any emails, because if you keep sending them emails, you’ll find that Gmail and Outlook are notoriously known for putting all emails in. Spam boxes are majority, if you can, to send emails of people who don’t want them. And I also recommend that you look at your lists cleaned on a regular basis. You don’t use misspelling, you don’t use spammy words like free and all caps in the subject line. All these things can really hurt your deliverability. Check for hard bounces too, because if email hard bounces, that email probably doesn’t exist or it’s no longer available. So remove them. Check for soft bounces. That’s temporarily. So maybe you stop sending them emails for a few weeks and then maybe affixes itself over time. In general, your email tool that you use, no matter which one use, pretty much all of them have reporting. So you the reporting viewed, the segmentation view, what’s working from subject lines to the call to actions. And this will give you idea of what you should do more of and what you should do less of. I also recommend that you create personas because when you create personas and when you see these patterns and you create personas based off the patterns that you’re seeing, you can identify different personas, track them and not in a sleazy or Creevey way. But nonetheless, you can track them, segment them and then send them specific offers to maximize your conversion rate because there’s many different personality types. You know, what my wife wants to see in email in many cases can be different than what I want to end up seeing. But the same note, we both love seeing sales. I also recommend creating a predictive model. Right. And here’s what I mean by that. If you have list within your e-mail to them and with these lists, for example, I have a list of all past buyers, I know that if I email out my past buyers for anything new, my conversion rate and revenue is through the roof because 20 percent of my new purchases tend to come from past buyers.

So I really treat that list like it’s gold because it’s the easy way for me to generate more and more revenue. And you can start building out some modeling every time you’re creating new offers on, hey, if I email this list, here’s my average conversion rate, here’s the average revenue and this is how much sales I’m going to get, which then helps make your business more predictable. And then you can use this data to figure out where you should invest. And that’s why I do things like monitor my click through, rate my conversion rates, my open rates, because it all gives me an idea on, hey, what to expect from my emails. And if you notice things like your open rate going down, I recommend that you go and try a different strategy if you’re using the same concept that’s worked for you for years, but it slowly stops working, probably because your list is getting used to it and you want to try something new. For example, you could try to send an email that’s really to trend or a news event and that could increase your open rates. So what is a good open rate or clicks rate? Well, what companies want to 10 employees who sent six plus campaigns or emails in a month medium open. It was thirty five percent and click through it was seven percent. Now, if you’re a much bigger company, you’re going to see your rates slowly decline because over time you probably have bigger lists from what we’re seeing versus companies, a much smaller employee count. They tend to have smaller lists that tend to be engaged. As your list gets bigger and bigger, usually your rates drop down. And to track all of this, if your employer doesn’t give you what you need, you can also use Google Analytics, set up campaigns with their user UTM tracking variables so you can track everything in Google Analytics as well. I also recommend that you ab test some of your emails. All the tools out there have this feature, try different subject lines, call to actions. It’ll give you idea of what’s working and what’s not working. And my favorite strategy is email, marketing, retargeting. And what I mean by that is if I send someone an email and they open it, I can remarket them around the web and show them banner ads for my products and services to really try to bring brand awareness, bring education and eventually convert them into a customer. And that’s why I really love email marketing, retargeting or email retargeting, because it’s one of the highest conversion rates that we’ve seen. And you can even show email ad through Gmail. Now, believe it or not, there’s ads that you can show people within their Gmail inbox. And I know we covered a lot within this lesson. I want you to go to that training and click on email marketing. And I got a week to listen to. And I want you to download these cheat sheets and workflows. It’ll help you get things through. In that way, you can maximize the revenue you’re generating through email. If you enjoy this lesson, like it, share it, tell the people about it.

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