3 Stocks To Buy in January

Speaker 1: Twenty nineteen in the United States, we’ve seen some unprecedented growth in the stock market since the last market crash in 2008. If you had invested in an S&P index in March 2009 and so today, you would have seen your shares grow by over four times the amount. We’re talking about massive returns on investment. But unfortunately, it means in this current market, most stocks are, well, overpriced, finding a stock that is going to offer some great returns because like finding a needle in a haystack, but the haystack anyway, give it a run for its money.

And both of you, the Southwest Airlines company, funnily enough, operates Southwest Airlines, a major United States airline. This airline provides scheduled air transportation in the United States and near international markets. There are low cost airline with a vision to become the world’s most loved, the most flown and most profitable airline. And they pride themselves on delivering exemplary customer service. They got a nice vision. I’ll give them that. Southwest Airlines seems to be a good quality, growing company with solid values and strong leadership. 2017 has seen a couple of initiatives come into place, including a new international terminal being opened in Fort Lauderdale alongside. They have now started servicing with the new Boeing 737 MAX eight and announced plans to launch service in the beautiful state of Hawaii. That’s a good to see a stock that is looking to grow with some pretty high ambitions. Them for that, as you can see from the numbers. And Southwest Airlines is bringing in a nice amount of leveraged cash flow.

Nine hundred and seventy seven million dollars is no minimum amount. I like businesses that are generating strong revenue and I love looking at the cash flow because it is very hard for any business to manipulate the cash flow figures to buy. Once you have this high flying company, you’ll pay sixty six US dollars while it’s generating earnings per share of three point forty eight dollars. I am out of that price. Moving on to my next stock pick stock, but to Delta Airlines ticker symbol DHL. Yep, that’s right. Another American airline company. The numbers in this category of company are just too damn good for me not to put another one for my stock picks. Delta has these connections in 54 different countries and operates over five thousand four hundred daily flights. Delta is newly formed. That’s multiple classes of service on its airplanes, with added on beaches of the Delta Comfort experience with spacious seats and dedicated urban space as well as the banks, the economy, ocean. Reportedly, Delta is looking to grow its margin and topline, which actually is kind of an obvious thing you would hope a company has aspired to. Numbers wise, we’re saying a cheaper price than Southwest Airlines ever these six dollars per share. You’ve also got high earnings on that share at four point ninety seven dollars compared to Southwest three point forty eight dollars. Although Southwest appears to have a better culture and the business, Delta’s numbers are a decent amount healthier. And that’s why I slightly prefer Delta shares to Southwest, OK, and to my final pit stop. Pick three McKesson Corp. ticker symbol in Seek a quick rundown on the case in court. They are again an American company. They distribute pharmaceuticals and provide health care systems, medical equipment and professional services that are generating truckloads of revenue. It turns into a billion dollars, leaving them a rank as the largest revenue generating company last year. Say that three times the financial on this companies are absolutely phenomenal.

The share price is one hundred fifty nine dollars, which will generate a revenue of twenty one dollars per share. But in a company with such a high market cap, thirty three billion dollars and such a low PE seven point five three is an absolute Jim in these market conditions. And I’d have to say this is my favorite topic of the lot. Again, guys, make sure you do your own comprehensive research before buying stocks do not just rely on one single video that is not responsible investing if you are interested in the stock market investing and growing your wealth.

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